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Customer Reviews

Find out what some of our customers have to say about their experiences at Kala Spa Honami!

Review on Platinum Polish

The “Platinum Polish” at Kala Spa will exfoliate and suck up dead cells on the surface of your skin, as well as pore-clogging dirt, keratotic plug, dark spots and wrinkles with the platinum tip. The tool is made of platinum so it is safe for people allergic to metal. Unlike chemical peeling using traditional chemical solution, we treat the areas while making adjustments in strength so that the dullness and dirt on your skin can be safely removed.
Kumiko will be giving us feedback on her experience.

Tester: Kumiko

To me, the location of the salon was important. I wanted to come here for years, since Honami was giving Diamond Peeling treatment at the Kaimuki location. But because the location was inconvenient from my house, I was giving up on going. One day, I was checking her blog as I always do, I found out that the salon opened up in Ala Moana! I knew the services will be great. I just knew it. I'm a big spender and I've used pretty much each and every luxury cosmetics but I also had in mind that maybe I should get my skin completely cleaned by a professional. Then I found out that there is a treatment called Platinum Polish which is even more upgraded than Diamond Peeling, so I knew it would work even before I had the treatment done. I became a member because I wanted to go on a regular basis rather than to just go once to try out and stop. The membership benefits were very attracting, too.

  1. Consultation

    “ Honami asked me many detailed questions. Because I've been using all kinds of skin care products and I don't have my own specific way of taking care of my skin, I'm just going to leave it to Honami who has professional knowledge and experience. ”

  2. Let's Begin with the Treatment!

    “ I'm looking forward to see how much dirt is built up on the surface of my skin. I'm sure there are plenty... ”

  3. Cleansing

    “ I don't usually use cleanser (because the foundation I use says it can be removed by face wash), but I was wondering if I should start cleansing on my own while I was getting treated. ”

  4. Polish

    “ My face tingled a little and I learned that I have sensivite skin. Honami is such an expert because I've been told that I have thin skin before! I was very pleased with the careful treatment. ”

  5. Face Mask

    “ Face mask was an add-on service but I requested one. I felt like the nutrients were sinking into my skin after getting rid of all the waste materials on my face. ”

  6. After Treatment

    “ In my case, the skin-colored waste materials from leaving foundation residue on my skin, were caught in the filter. I'm so glad to know that those waste materials are now completely removed. At the end, she provided me with skincare advice. ”

Overall Experience:

I am very satisfied with the Platinum Polish treatment. Just as I thought, the waste materials built up in my skin were completely removed. First, I was very shocked to find out that the skin-colored waste materials from leaving the foundation on my skin were caught in the filter. If these waste materials are not removed, then even if I use any luxury costmetics, nothing is being done to my skin! I was pretty upset but at the same time, I was so glad to have Platinum Polish done on my face. There is a limit to what one can do to the skin, such as to completely remove the dirt on the surface and sometimes, it is best to have a professional clean for you.
As indicated in the pamphlet, I really felt like this experience was only the "beginning". I believe it is important to continue the treatment, rather than just to try out once and be done with it. Not only that Honami's character is great, but also all of the services are difficult to say which is better or best and I wanted to try them all! I would definitely recommend to my friends. And most importantly, as Honami mentioned that this is a "teamwork", I want to work with Honami together to maintain my skin condition. Also, this is just FYI but every time I go to the salon, something good happens. This is real!

At last...
Honami is honest and treats the customer with genuine care for the sake of customers. She is someone I really want to maintain a long relationship with. This is what makes Kala Spa Honami truly special.

Platinum Polish was tested and reviewed by Kumiko.
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