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Tips for Beautiful Skin

Mind, Body and Skin are all closely connected.
Even if you apply quality skincare products, when you're feeling down, your skin stays dull as well.
I'm sure you're familiar with the phrase, “care killed the cat (yamai wa ki kara)”.
When you're feeling stressed, your immune system weakens and sometimes cause illness.
Balancing Beauty is the shortcut to beautiful skin which we often advocate to customers.
Stay healthy and beautiful and have a happy life♪

  1. How to Prevent Dark Pores ~ It's not just Cleansing !
  2. Steps to Beautiful Brighter Skin ★ Understand the Mechanism of Dark Spots
  3. Steps to Beautiful Brighter Skin ★ How to Prevent Dark Spots
  4. Aging Progression Check & Prevention Method
  5. Facial Distortion
  6. How to Tighten Facial Structure... What's the Cause of Loose Skin ?!
  1. How to Prevent Dark Pores

    Thoroughly Remove Dirt in Pores
    It is important to wash off the dirt with daily cleansing. Wearing thick foundation to make the pores invisible will clog the makeup into your pores and you may have trouble washing off completely.
    If you already have blackheads clogged into the pores, it is of course best to have a professional remove them at the salon, but if not, don't try to force them out on your own but use a hot towel to soften the area and then rinse off.
    Apply Plenty of Toner
    We also recommend a facial mask with cotton pads soaked in plenty of toner.
    If you generously hydrate your skin, you can minimize sebum (skin oil) secretion.
    Actively Take in Vitamin C, B2 and B6
    These vitamins are said to be effective in inhibiting the overproduction of sebum (skin oil).
    Try to Avoid Lacking Sleep
    The beautiful skin is said to be produced from 10pm to 2am during your sleep.
    Even if you can't sleep at that time, at least remove your makeup before bed.

    Get rid of those dark pores and have a happy life♪

  2. Steps to Beautiful Brighter Skin ★ Understand the Mechanism of Dark Spots

    You've probably heard of “melanin”, the cause of dark spots. Melanocyte, which is the cell that produces this pigment, is located in the basal layer at the very bottom of the epidermis. It is said that melanocyte exists in 1 out of 10 cells in the basal layer and there are 1,500 melanocytes per 1 square millimeter on average.
    Now, let's talk about UV rays from the sun. There are UVC, UVB and UVA and they vary in wavelengths. It is said that UVB damages your skin and UVA causes photosensitivity.
    So how do you get dark spots? First, you get sunburn by UV rays, which leads to vasodilatation inside your skin.
    In 6 to 12 hours after being exposed to UV rays, the level of vasodilatation reaches its peak and the surface of your skin becomes red. Then the melanin production begins in the melanocyte. Melanin absorbs UV rays and causes pigmentation, and becomes "dark spots" on your skin.

  3. Steps to Beautiful Brighter Skin ★ How to Prevent Dark Spots

    What else can you do to prevent dark spots other than protecting your skin from UV rays ?
    Have you heard of the term “Free Radicals” ?
    In addition to UV rays, smoking and strenuous exercise will produce "free radicals" and damange the skin's DNA which is said to be the cause of dark spots and wrinkles. In order to protect from free radicals, it is important to take in Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Polyphenol. Be extra cautious during the season with strong UV rays and a good example is to consume more broccoli and fruits than usual. For smokers, smoking is suicidal to beautiful skin. Once you get deep wrinkles on your lip line, you will definitely look older than your actual age.
    Photosensitizer (substance in your skin which reacts to light) absorbs UVA which becomes an antigen, initiating a reaction with the skin, and if it is exposed to UVA again, it triggers an allergic reaction and produces dark spots as well. For example, this was exactly the case with one of my customers who came in the other day. She started getting into aromatherapy and wore the essential oil called Bergamot on her neck before she went out. At the end of the day, she realized that that area on her neck was red and later on turned into dark spot. I'm sure this sounds familiar to those who got dark spots from wearing perfume.
    This is considered a type of photoallergy caused by photosensitizer such as Bergamot and perfumes. The substance called Coumarin in Bergamot is the photosensitizer here. The same can happen with Eau de Cologne, Figs, Sulphur, Deodorizing Antibacterial, etc. Be extra cautious with UV rays when wearing one of these.

    Your body condition may become easier to get pigmented leading to dark spots, as a result from being extremely sensitive to UV rays. For women, if you have irregular period or take birth control pills, it is more likely to become this type of condition. If you're going on an excessive diet, your body may become sensitive as well. If you're not eating enough fish or meat, you might get Pellagra, which is a vitamin deficiency disease resulting in extreme sensitivity to UV rays and develop pigmentation.

    So here are the keys:
    - Try to quit smoking
    - Take in Vitamin A and C to minimize free radicals
    - Go easy on your diet and consume protein such as fish and meat
    - Drink mineral water as much as you can
    - Try to avoid repeated exposure to UV rays

    Keep an eye on small things and maintain your beautiful skin♪

  4. Aging Progression Check & Prevention Method

    We always hear people say, “I want to look younger than my real age” or “I want to prevent aging as much as I can”.
    But we do age just as everyone else so it is important to deal with your aging.
    Let's check your aging progression with the following checklist !


    • I drink too much and get a hangover at least once a week.
    • I feel great when people tell me I'm too skinny.
    • I smoke 10 cigarettes or more per day.
    • I often eat processed food or fast food.
    • I sleep 6 hours or less almost everyday.
    • I like to sweat so I do intensive exercise everyday.
    • I don't like blueback fish such as saury and sardine.
    • I drink coffee/tea 5 cups or more per day.
    • I don't eat greasy food.
    • I don't like fruits.
    • I don't have anyone I can talk to when I have a bad day.
    • I am a patient person.
    • I feel lazy to go out.
    • I don't like talking to people.
    • I sometimes worry that I look older than others.
    • I don't like to build muscles.
    • I often feel that I can never do anything right.

    How did you do? How many did you check on ?
    0 to 5: You are okay. But to protect your skin, let's learn a little bit about aging!
    6 to 8: It seems as your aging is starting to progress. Be careful!
    9 and up: It is highly likely that you will start to look older than your real age unless you change your lifestyle and personality. But, don't panic. Before you stress out, come see us at Kala Spa Honami.


    For Anti-Aging

    Here are some keys for you to stay away from looking older than your actual age:

    State of Mind
    Free from the idea of certain age should act or look in a certain way. For example, if you let go of the idea of age towards your fashion and hairstyles, I'm sure you'll start to feel and look younger. Of course, you would have to be careful in overdoing.
    Drinking and Smoking in Moderation
    It is known that too much drinking and smoking would harm your health, but this is because they would effect a change as far as in chromosomal cells, such as internal organs. This change causes to speed up the aging.
    Skin with Care
    This is what's connecting to Balancing Beauty as we advocate to customers.
    What do you think if a person is acting energetically but her skin is dull or is breaking out? Aging itself clearly shows by how she looks on the outside but it would also seem as she is aging in the inside as well. To maintain a healthy and glowing skin, it is important for both your mind and body to be healthy. Skin, mind and body are all closely connected. We believe that your beauty comes out when all components affect each other. Maintain happiness in mind, skin and body and stop from aging!
    The Way You Exercise
    It is statistically shown that people who exercise strenuously age faster. For those of you who exercise everyday until you're worn out need to be careful. By producing a lot of activated oxygen, cellular aging progresses. From the perspective of aging, it is better to do stretches for 10 minutes everyday rather than do intensive exercises 3 times a week.
    The key in maintaining youth is to exercise using the musles of your entire which is especially improtant. For those of you who always use the same muscles, try to adjust how you exercise to maintain balance of your entire body. Take a walk or do stretches everyday to adjust the balance.
    Avoid Overconsumption of Caffeine
    For those who drink coffee 5 cups or more per day needs to be cautious! Calcium rapidly flushes out from your bones and your bones become weaker, resulting in progression of aging from the bones. It is good to keep in mind that caffeine is also bad for your skin. It is reported that not only the bones but also the production of women's ovarian hormones will reduce and the menopause will occur faster. For those of you who have been drinking a lot of coffee without thinking anything, it might be good to change into decaf or hearbal tea.

    Improve your lifestyle and change your state of mind just a little to stay youthful forever♪

  5. Facial Distortion

    When you look your face in the mirror, do you see your cheeks or eye level extremely different left-and-right ?
    Having bad teeth alignment or skull alignment or even autonomic imbalance is said to cause facial distortion as well. We will now introduce you to prevention and treatment for facial distortion.

    1. Try not to rest your cheek on your hand
    When you're resting your cheek on your hand, the weight of your head goes to the cheek and compresses the facial bones.
    2. Wear a mouthpiece at bedtime
    You might get bad teeth alignment if you grind your teeth and your teeth are worn down.
    3. Try to roll over as much as you can while in sleep
    Sleeping in the same position may cause distortion. But that doesn't mean you can consciously change positions because you're sleeping. So just keep in mind because if you leave this distortion as is, it may also cause your skin to sag.
    4. Do a preventative exercise
    Put your tongue out and bring it up as much as you can → Close your mouth and raise the edges of your mouth → Keep your mouth closed and stick out your lips
    5. Make time to relax
    We strongly recommend bathing. When the neck muscle is still stiff, your facial muscle also stiffins and may cause distortion.

    Prevent facial distortion and have a happy life♪

  6. How to Tighten Facial Structure

    How do you know if your face is firm or loose ?
    The swelling and excess fat on your face is also significantly influenced by your whole body.
    So let's take a look and learn about your face and body.

    Check List on Facial Type

    • The balance of my face is clearly different from left to right.
    • I easily sprain my ankle.
    • I have fat anckles.
    • My calves are easy to swell.
    • I can't spread my legs well.
    • My hip joint hurts.
    • I'm gaining weight on my lower body.
    • My waistline is different from left to right.
    • I have a bad posture.
    • I have stiff shoulders.
    • The height of my breasts are different between left and right.
    • I have a slight stoop.
    • I can't turn my neck to the left and right the same way.
    • I have stiff neck.

    How did you do? If you checked more than one, that means it is difficult to maintain a firm face. In nature, it is said that the size of your face doesn't change much throughout the day. The face is normally harder to swell compared to other body parts because the flow of the lymph which processes waste is largely influenced by force and the lymph on your face is located in the upper body so it flows smoothly under normal conditions.
    However, if you have problems in your the waste builds up in that area causing swelling or increase in fat. This also means, if you find and improve that problem, the size of your face will inevitably change. One of the causes is distortion. There are only two joints and also something called "suture" in the head. These two joints are said to be very important areas to make your head and face tighter and smaller.
    The next important parts are cheekbones, nasal bone and the upper jaw and these are relatively easy to move over and the distortion on these areas will give major impact on the facial structure. These bones are all joined together in the state called "suture". Although this "suture" is tightly bonded to each other that it is difficult to move, it is said that just by moving a little (about 0.5mm), your whole face will tighten up and become one size smaller.
    So let's talk about excess fat now. The 3 top facial parts you get flabby the most are cheek bones, jaws and below the chin. They are generally the areas where joints (or suture) are under strain or muscles are used the most. For example, if you laugh a lot raising both ends of your lips, your cheek muscles and laughing muscles are often used, so zygomaticomaxillary suture is under strain, leading below the eyes to gradually pump up. If you clench down the back teeth or grind teeth, the masseter is under strain, causing to get square-jawed. (If we have such customers at our salon, we will advise them with strategies during the facial massage) Also, if you tug your chin or crack the neck often, the excess fat will build up under your chin, leading to a double chin.

    Correct even a slight distortion and keep your face firm♪