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  • December 1st, 2016 DECEMBER MEMBER SPECIAL!!

    Eyelash Extensions
    New! Brown Silk Eyelash (Unlimited Lashes)  $115$95
    ・Silk Eyelash (Unlimited Lashes)  $110$90
    ・Mink Eyelash (Unlimited Lashes)  $143$123
    ・Japanese Sevres (Unlimited Lashes)  $165$155

    Please also be available to purchase session.
    *Membership is $30. Members are granted special advantages.
    Please check out our Facebook for the current promotion.

Pick Up Service from Ala Moana Shopping Center to Kala Spa  If you are having trouble finding or don’t know where Kala Spa is, a uniformed staff member can greet you in front of Tiffany store in Ala Moana Shopping Center and take you to Kala Spa.

New menu

Swelling Removal for feet   40 minutes $75
Hibiscus Facial   50 minutes $105 Free Gift: mini Mana Candle
Hawaiian Facial   50 minutes $105  Free Gift: mini Bath Salt
Lomi Lomi for Couples  50 minutes $220 (for two)
Swelling Removal for feet and face  70 minutes $145
Special Package of Unforgettable Memory  100 minutes $200

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Kala Spa Honami is a full-scale beauty salon, located on the 9th floor in the Ala Moana building, right across from the Ala Moana Shopping Center on the mountain side. The location is so convenient that you can stop by during your vacation or even before your big wedding day.
Our motto is to take superior care of each and every customer with Aloha. Our professional estheticians will provide you with various services, including Platinum Polish, Ion Ultra Sonic, Body Massages, Eyelash Extensions and Eyelash Perm, in addition to our long-term seller of All-Hand Facials.
We are truly looking forward to your visit with a wide choice of services to meet your needs!
Kala Spa Honami 1441 Kapiolani Blvd., Suite 908, Honolulu, Hawaii 96814 Tel 808-944-0011

Voice of Customers

  • TV Personality Peter (Shinnosuke Ikehata)

    “ The owner, Honami and I go surfing together!
    The facial treatment here really made my face from the cheeks to the chin smaller by 15%!! lol
    I'm afraid I can't show the result since I have no makeup on right now... lol
    But it's such a fabulous beauty salon for relaxation! ”

    Above comment from Peter's blog

  • Jewelry Designer Ayano Fukuoji

    “ I had my facials done here.
    They not only massaged my face but also my decollete and arms and my face felt all refreshed and lifted up! Honami runs two beauty salons in Ala Moana and Kahala area.
    Check out the salon as they now have eyelash extensions in addition to the facials and body massages! ”

    Above comment from Ayano Fukuoji's blog

  • Magazine Model Kaori Hayashi

    “ I went to Kala Spa Honami in the Ala Moana Building.
    The salon was very clean and beautiful as it just opened in January of 2011.
    I felt so refreshed after getting a facial and decollete massage from the esthetician, Honami.
    Now I feel so relaxed that I can have a wedding with peace of mind... ”

    Above comment from Kaori Hayashi's blog