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In Hawaiian, “ Kala ” means to release, remove or to be free.
Empty your mind and refresh yourself from here on.. We truly hope for you to relax and enjoy your time at our salon.

Each and Every Customer with Aloha...

Our services include but not limited to the long seller at Day Spa HONAMI in Kaimuki, All-Hand Facials, and the new Platinum Polish, Ion Injection, Ultra Sonic, Eyelash Perming and Extensions.
By our motto of taking superior care of each and every customer with aloha, we will continue to strive to better serve you as your Beauty Consultation Salon.

Profile Honami, the Owner and a Skin Therapist

From Tokyo, Japan  Father is a non-fiction writer, Takashi Iwakawa (deceased)
1987 - 1991: active professional windsurfer while going to college
          (participated in the World Cup as a representing member for Japan)
1991年: Immigrated to Hawaii
2003年: Opened Day Spa Honami in Kaimuki on Oahu

「Aroma touch certified therapist」
「Phytotherapist Association Hawaii representative」
「Certified Coach Life Guide」


About 20 years ago, Honami retired from her professional career as a windsurfer and immigrated to Hawaii from Japan. Right after she immigrated, she began to struggle with dark spots and acnes, and regretted the times she was often getting suntan. She tried everything to improve her skin problems and started going to beauty salons but her skin got worse rather than getting any better. As the condition continued for a while, she has gone through marriage and giving birth and then she faced her own skin and realized that "Balancing Beauty" is most important.


With the fundamental concept of “Balancing Beauty”, she launched Day Spa Honami in Kaimuki in May 2003.
Her motto is to take superior care of each and every customer and provide treatments with results.