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After Reservation

  1. Submit Reservation Form

    Please enter necessary information on our online reservation form and submit after confirming the details.

  2. Confirm Information by Kala Spa staff

    Our staff at Kala Spa will check the availability.

  3. Reservation Confirmation

    Our staff will contact you to the email address you provided upon reservation.
    The details including date and time will be specified.

  4. Arrival in Hawaii

    Welcome to Hawaii !

  5. Please contact us to confirm your arrival once you're here.

    We ask you to call us, just to make sure you've safely arrived in Hawaii. Please note that the reservation may be cancelled if we cannot confirm the reservation with you.
    Kala Spa Honami : (808)944-0011

  6. Your Appointment Day

    Welcome to Kala Spa Honami !