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Before & After

Here are some examples of results on customers who received treatment at our salon.
Please note that they are only examples and the treatments do not guarantee the same results for everyone.

  • Face Correction

    The photos shown above are 2 series of a set of 5 sessions (10 times total).
    The first 3 sessions were done once a week, then once every two weeks.

  • For Blemishes/Breakout

    The photos shown above are on a treatment done once a week for the first 3 months, then once every two weeks for 4 months. We not only create a schedule most appropriate to your condition, but we also advise you on how to care for your skin and how to improve your lifestyle to aim for improvement.

  • Platinum Polish

    The photos above illustrate the dullness and the dirt inside pores that are removed after the treatment. The filter on the left is before the treatment and the filter on the right shows dullness components and dirt on top of the filter. Toner and moisturizing cream are difficult to reach deep down in your skin when your skin is built up with this much waste. We will further advise you on your skincare based on the color of the waste removed from your skin.

  • Eyelash Perm

    The eyelash perm at Kala Spa Honami is very natural. You may adjust the ways lashes spread out and curve.